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added by adam - 1/27/2009 9:21 PM(link)   (comments)
AnimeDates has been Acquired by!
As many of you may have noticed, we are about six months past our expected redesign date. The redesign was all but ready to go until a very unexpected thing happened…We have been acquired by Mania.comcom[/link].

As many of you may have also noticed, Mania is making a huge presence for itself in the Anime/Manga world with the recent acquisition and integration of Just last week, they also integrated another huge site in itself with breaking exclusives and an anime-flavor of it’s own such as exclusive shots of the Dragonball Z set in Mexico. Those combined with Mania’s existing presence in the Genre/Entertainment World are going to breathe new life into all three sites:[/link],[/link] and[/link].

With well over a million unique users a month already and thousands more visiting the site everyday, it’s going to be easy for everyone on this site to find that special someone to spend that holiday season or next convention with. AnimeDates is going to become the core of a new Dating Engine on Mania that will instantly allow you access to thousands and thousands of people that have the same interests as you.

With the inclusion of AnimeOnDVD, Mania is also going to have a new focus on Conventions and even Cosplay. Your photos and profiles will all be migrated over and you’ll be able to login without any interruption to your usage of any of the sites.

Agie and I will be moving over to Mania as well. I’ve been running things since January on both a technical side and management side, and will continue to do so in the future. Agie has been writing reviews for Mania and will continue to do so under the direction of the infamous Chris Beveridge of AnimeOnDVD fame. We will both also be continuing to participate in one of our favorite parts of the Anime World – going to Conventions, snapping pictures of Cosplayers and hanging out with all of you.

So, for the time being, continue your normal site usage. We will be working to migrate all the accounts over as soon as possible. More information will be available when the time comes.

We thank you all for your continued support over the past three and a half years and we look forward to seeing you all over on the end after the transition.

Until then, feel free to continue using the site like normal!


-Agie and Adam

added by adam - 10/19/2008 2:28 PM(link)   (comments)
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year everyone, hope it's a successful year for everyone!

As stated before, we'll be launching the new version of the site into beta-testing later on this month. Look for the upcoming post regarding our need for testers soon!
added by adam - 1/1/2008 6:34 AM(link)   (comments)
Halloween - A Night for Cosplay
Just a quick note to encourage everyone to upload their best Cosplay photos from their Halloween costumes! Be sure to upload wherever you like (depending on your intent), whether it be here, in your AnimeConPics gallery or join the competition for the best cosplay on CosplayWar.

We hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween weekend and night!
added by adam - 10/27/2007 7:30 AM(link)   (comments)
Another Sister Site in the Network!
Another site has been added to the AlternativeNicheNetwork, but unlike some of the others, this one is anime-related: Cosplay War.

Here is an excerpt from the basic description:

" Cosplay War is a website where people can upload pictures of their favorite cosplayers, which others can vote on. Two cosplayers are chosen at random and put against each other. The winner is chosen and then two more are drawn. The selections will continue as long as the user enjoys, meanwhile aggregating and ranking the cosplayers based and data from all users. Search and browse photos of all the costumes or upload your own!"

So, if you're interested, please visit the websitee[/link] and cast your vote for your favorite cosplayers!

On a note closer to home, we are very close to finalizing the new AnimeDates design. Once we do, we will post some of the mocks! Look for it in the next few weeks!
added by adam - 9/15/2007 5:51 AM(link)   (comments)
Mikomicon Starts Today!
Mikomicon is this weekend at CSUN, in Northridge, California. It is an anime convention that is in its second year. Agie and I will be running a booth for a few of the network websites, including AnimeDates and AnimeConPicsonPics[/link].

We will be setup at Tables 3-5 with a ton of freebies, so come down and get some! We'll have giveaways for[/link],[/link], as well as another site that is being launched next week.

We invite anyone in the area to come down and say hi! We will be setup in the Dealer's Room at Tables 3-5 or roaming around taking pictures of cosplayers!
added by adam - 9/7/2007 6:34 AM(link)   (comments)
Anime Expo 2007
Just a quick note before we take off for Anime Expo 2007!!!

Come find us wandering around over the next three days. We'll be passing out some AnimeDates goodies and snapping pics for AnimeConPics, so find us and say hi!
added by adam - 6/29/2007 3:55 PM(link)   (comments) Channel
Another DotTV channel has been launched with an anime theme. Agie will be aggregating the suggested Anime Music Videos and adding the best ones to the channel for viewing, rating and commenting!

Be sure to join the channel and suggest your favorite videos! You can reach it through any of the following addresses:

added by adam - 5/23/2007 7:28 AM(link)   (comments) - Anime Video Site
Today marks the launch of and a launch in the new phase of the TV network.

I had the opportunity to be involved with the project, so we've setup a channel to help get the DotTV ball rolling!

You can join our channel, and join in the fun! View videos and comment on them, make suggestions and help us pick the video playlist, add us to your friends list, explore the rest of the DotTV network or even start your own network!!!

We'll be launching a few other channels in the next week or so. If you setup your own network, feel free to post a link to it on the Messageboards.
added by adam - 5/1/2007 8:07 PM(link)   (comments) - Phase 2 is Live!
As noted in the Messageboard Post last week, the second wave of features has been launched on

This is HUGE news for AnimeDates members, since it's the new AnimeDates platform that is driving the development of AnimeConPics. You can consider AnimeConPics a test-platform for the AnimeDates redesign.

The new features consist of the following:

   • Highest Rated Images page added (and RSS Feed) []
   • Most Recent Uploaded Images page (and RSS Feed) []
   • Added User Avatars including 10 Default Avatars and the ability to turn ANY of your uploaded photos into your Avatar! []
   • Implemented the new AnimeDates Messaging System!

The messaging system is the biggest part of the new launch and contains a slew of useful features on it's own:

   A custom message builder that allows custom fonts, colors and more. We even have brand-new ANIME-RELATED SMILEYS that you can use to send your messages, with more to come!
   Inbox, Sent, Trash folders, or add as many custom folders as you need!
   Manage all your custom folders from one simple location.
   Organize your folders with the click of a mouse.
   Reply and Forward features.
   Send a message to up to five users at once.

We have not decided when we will be scheduling a Phase 3 for AnimeConPics, but we will still be slowly adding features in the future!!!

Look for more news on the AnimeDates redesign and much more on the Alternative Niche Network, coming soon!

In the meantime, check out the new and upload ALL your Anime and Cosplay related photos!
added by adam - 4/24/2007 10:49 AM(link)   (comments)

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